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Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture

TCM is a complete system of medicine with its own methods of diagnosis and treatment.

It is based on the belief that disease and illness are caused by blockages or imbalances in Qi, a vital force found in all living things. In humans, Qi is believed to flow through 12 head-to-toe “meridians” or pathways, each linked to a particular organ. Our doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine will include acupuncture and herbal remedies as part of the treatment.

The Goal: to use herbs and acupuncture to assist your body in regulating qi and achieving balance.

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The World Health Organization has done research and proven that Acupuncture successfully treats over 50 health concerns and the list keeps growing. Listed below are some of the conditions:

• migraines/headaches
• skin conditions
• sinus infections/ sore throat
• hay fever/allergies
• poor eyesight
• earaches
• dizziness
• anxiety/depression/stress/panic attacks
• Insomnia
• chronic fatigue
• infertility/morning sickness
• menopause/premenstrual and menstrual discomforts
• irregular or absent menses
• impotence

The number of treatments needed differs from person to person. For complex or long-standing conditions, one or two treatments a week for several weeks may be recommended. For acute problems fewer visits are required. For health maintenance, four sessions a year may be all that is necessary.

Acupuncture needles are very thin and solid and are made from stainless steel. The point is smooth (not hollow with cutting edges like a hypodermic needle) and insertion through the skin is not painful like injection or blood sampling.

People experience acupuncture needles differently. Most patients feel only minimal pain as the needles are inserted; some feel no pain at all. Once the needles are in place, you may feel a deep ache as a sign of Qi movement.

Typically you will feel calm and relaxed: at ease with yourself and everyone around you. On occasion, a particularly strong treatment may make you feel drowsy or tired for a few hours.

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