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Gordon Ens | RMT

Massage Therapy


Gordon Ens | RMT

After a brief stint as a lawyer and seven years living and teaching in Japan, Gordon returned to Canada and studied massage therapy at Mount Royal. In a profession that is notoriously transient, he has spent more than fifteen years working alongside and learning from the other team members at the clinic.

The majority of his clients are typical Calgary downtown office workers suffering from the effects of high stress coupled with too much time sitting at computers (low back, shoulder and neck tension). However, he also enjoys the challenges of working with long distance runners, martial artists and a number of professional dancers who are regular clients of his. Gordon has also shared in the rehabilitation of many motor vehicle accident victims.

Don’t let Gordon’s size intimidate you. While he is capable of doing the deep tissue work, he always allows his clients to direct him to their tolerance level. He is also happy to give relaxation treatments upon request.